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June, 2004

Exposition of Shadows and Light
At 24 years old I'm starting to realize that I'm just not "down" with people my age. I'm not sure what's cool. I've recently learned that it's not ok anymore to call very interesting things "rad" and no one wears those neato vests that were so cool back in 1992.
Jesus is Here
Think about this for a moment, Jesus, the disciple's leader says, "I'm going to leave you!" I think I would be a bit nervous, maybe even scared. I mean let's face it: What are the disciples supposed to do once Jesus is gone? He was to be their leader setting up a kingdom on earth and they were to rule with Him. We have hopes and dreams and I'm sure they did also!
The Tithing Trap
Why didn't she just give a tithe - 10% of her income? Wouldn't God have been pleased with it? I suspect He would have been pleased with 1% and it wouldn't have had a thing to do with how much of her income she gave.

February, 2004

Power of the Cross
"Hi, I'm Chuck. Is that thing around your neck just a decoration, or do you actually believe something?" Crash and burn. How could I say such a thing? Two things you never do when you first meet someone - one, get sarcastic, and two, talk about religion.
As Good As It Gets
Though I did not know the process, or the Way, You,
Filler of Every Void that Welcomes You,
Took time in the time You created, and came to me
One Day at a Time
Jacob in a strange land, Egypt, a land in which he had never before been, that did not take away from him the truth of his life as God had given it. He was a pilgrim on a journey home!
Do I Dare?
How about that Abraham! At 75 he packs up his household to move - where? "Uh... I don't know. God's going to show me." (Genesis 12).
Things I Do Not Know
There are things I do not know, like the man I encountered today has just lost his job and will eventually lose his home. This is why his temper was short.
Trust Jesus
I cooled some as I drove, my anger turning more into a small knot of cold fear. What if we ended up stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere? But I tried to obey the Lord and to have some kind of faith in Him -- and to think very clearly about what I should do next.

January, 2004

Selective Hearing Disorder
...sometimes causes us to not hear what God wants us to hear. If we don't hear, we can't obey! And if we don't hear and obey, we think differently.
Know the Word of the Lord
We are responsible for our right thinking. And when we think the right thoughts, our words will be loving, true and kind.
You Can't Hold Me Anymore
When we hear right, think right and speak right, offenses will no longer bind us.
A Prayer of Letting Go
Rennie Marie Nease - Letting go in the presence of God - a poem.

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