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Rethinking the Wineskin: The Practice of the New Testament Church

In this volume, Frank Viola gives language for all you knew was wrong with the modern church. But even better, he shows how we can recover the pristine simplicity of the first-century church.

Packed to the gills with Scripture, Rethinking the Wineskin demonstrates beyond dispute that house churches that gather without a clergy have a Scriptural right to exist! It does so by a clear presentation of the New Testament and Viola's own experience in house church living.

Solidly Biblical, deeply spiritual, and intensely practical, Rethinking the Wineskin is a must read for all who have a passion to see first-century ways restored.

We're bacckkkkk....

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Yes, This Christian Life has been offline for a long time. I'm not sure exactly where God wants to go with it, but He says that it's time to get it back online, so here it is. If you read the old This Christian Life Web Magazine, you'll see right away that this is different in some ways; still the same in others. I pray that you will find something here to interest you, but more importantly, I pray that you will find yourself being drawn closer to God.

And now, for an opening statement...

What do you expect of this Christian life, anyway?

According to what you've heard or been taught, you might expect happiness, peace and joy all of the time. You might expect to receive a lot of money. You might expect to have a super power to touch others and heal them, or to prophesy or teach or preach without effort.

You might expect that you have to go to church at least once a week (and that three or four times is better). You might expect to have to pay tithes wherever you go to church. You might expect to have to pray morning and night and read something from the Bible at least once each day, every day of your life.

Some of what you expect can be very good; some won't be so good. It's between you and God to sort it out.

What it's NOT about

It's not about "going to church." It's not about a program or programs or books or methods. It's not about ritual tithing or "worship leaders" or Sunday morning clothes. It's not about counting heads or church "growth." It's not about self improvement or following a lesson plan. It's not about you and it's not about your pastor, either.

What it is

It is about a relationship, one on one, face to face, heart to heart with Jesus Christ. This Christian life is about knowing God, about loving God and about seeking the heart of God - because you want to. It's about wanting, above everything else, to do what He wants because you yearn for whatever is in His heart. It's about letting everything else fall by the wayside so that you can grow closer and closer to God. It's about caring about others because God loves them and you love God. It's about you in Jesus and Jesus in you.

What you learn

You learn that Jesus is your advocate, not your accuser. You learn that He is with you all the way. He's got your back and He's out in front of you, too. He knows that you sin, and He loves you anyway. You learn that God really is love, just like John said He was. You learn that when you sin, you hurt God and that you learn that you can feel that hurt within your own heart.

This Christian life is no mystical incantation of rules, laws and regulations that we can't understand. It isn't draped in mystery or secrecy. There are no hidden meanings that only a select few understand and we won't get zapped if we don't follow the rules we didn't know were there. God is accessible to anyone, anywhere, any time. There is no man or woman on earth who has the power or position to stand between you and God.

What is this Christian life? It's the most empowering, humbling, exciting, satisfying and challenging revelation man has ever known. It's God Himself living within each of us. It's worshipping Him in Spirit and Truth, just like Jesus said we would.

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